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Providing outstanding real estate service in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area for over 13 years. If you desire personalized service in your Fort Wayne, Indiana home purchase, I am the REALTOR for you!

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When you think of the term, Realtor, what exactly do you think of? You probably think of someone that you know who can help you buy or sell a house. While that is true, there is something else that should come to mind for you, too. You should think of the Realtor that you can trust as a resource.

In my line of work, I come across people in many lines of work. The ones who's work that we see firsthand include, but are not limited to, electricians, plumbers, roofers, heating and cooling technicians, handymen, and residential contractors. Eleven years in the real estate business has allowed me to compile a great list of reliable people in each of these fields. Keep that in mind if you need work done on your home. I am always happy to refer people from my list!


When you choose to work with me, Darren Schortgen, you have at your disposal, a Realtor who has been working in the real estate for over a decade.  I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in my field, although I will be the first to admit that I never stop learning.  I am honest and upfront with everyone that I come across.  My business is built on treating everyone fairly.  Selling homes is much more than a job to me.  To me, selling real estate is a way of life.  I look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs.  Call me, any time, and find out why personalized service is always better than franchised service!   


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I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, and have lived here just about all of my life.  It is a great place to raise a family.  There are many things to do in and around Fort Wayne.  There is a first-rate Children's Zoo.  Fort Wayne, also, has many nice parks to spend an afternoon in.  There are many museums, theaters(both for seeing movies, and for seeing plays, musicals, concerts, etc...), and many restaurants to fit your dining choices.  We have minor league hockey, baseball, basketball, and indoor football franchises.  We are also with in a comfortable drive of many bigger cities with bigger sports markets.  You can drive to Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati,  each in under 3.5 hours.

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