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We understand that moving is one of the most stressful experiences families and individuals can go through. We are committed to making that transition as easy and stress free as possible.

The fact is; for many home sellers, the sale of a home represents the single largest asset an individual or family has. A "ripple affect" happens when a homeowner gets more or less for their home. We help our clients maximize the value of their home, and as a result, enable them to move to the next phase of their life with greater ease and financial security.

We are honored that many sellers have chosen us to help them maximize their investment.  Our sellers know time is money!  We help our sellers get top dollar in the shortest time frame possible.

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WHAT IS STAGING? Staging is a marketing tool. In much the same way retail stores create interesting vignettes and displays to showcase their goods, we use staging to merchandise your property as a “product”.  We see your property through your buyer’s eyes, and the result is home that looks warm, inviting and appealing to prospective home-owners.  When you stage your house, you can expect to earn 299% ROI on that investment,  source homegain survey 2011. SERVICES MENU Staging ConsultationIdeal for occupied homes, we’ll objectively review the condition/appearance of your home and provide.  Usually takes 30 minutes and not exceed 1 hour. This is an on site evaluation of your property with proposal.  The fee for this service can be applied to any other service if contracted.  Curb Appeal Consultation Get an objective evaluation of your home’s exterior appearance.   Hands on Staging support- we do the work for you.  We can edit and prepack your belongins so you are ready to place on market as quickly as just one day. We can work side by side with you; or, do it all- if you are not avalable or able to help. Vacant Property Staging This package includes delivery of furnishings/décor items* and implementation/ placement by a professional stager.  Rental costs for all furnishings and decor items required to stage the following spaces: living area, dining area and master bedroom, plus accessories for the kitchen and all baths.  FREE delivery and 2 month term lease on decor items. * Decor and furniture packages are selected to be appropriate for the value of the home. Other packages are available for larger or more expensive homes. Extended rental is available at an additional charge if a longer staging or in-market period is required New! we offer a 3month is FREE guarantee for our Silver and Gold Vacant Service. Home Investor SupportImpact Interior Design Solutions can also help with the pre-construction decisions, saving money and time by handling the design details. when combined with a vacaant staging package we save you even more money. Bids and agreements are always provided in writing after onsite consultation. DECORATING SERVICES We bring a “staging perspective” to our home decorating services. That means we always try to work with your existing furnishings to help stretch your budget, while creating an environment that appears spacious, warm and inviting.  Before you decide to redecorate, let us help you develop a plan that will prevent costly mistakes and unnecessary purchases.  The physical aspects of the space, your current possessions and our understanding of your lifestyle will guide us in creating a economical plan that fits your lifestyle—and budget–perfectly. Color consultation Working with color can be tricky.  Beige and white are safe…but boring.  Bright colors are fun but can be risky if they’re not done right.  We can help you create a color scheme that fits your personality, works with your lifestyle and harmonizes with your existing furnishings and the architecture of your home.  It’s a great way to augment your decorating plan and give your home a designer look (without the designer price).     Decorating Plan Redecorating your home can be an exciting but daunting prospect.  A decorating plan will help you choose furnishings that are appropriate in style and scale for your space.  The plan takes into consideration your personal taste and your lifestyle needs, and will include scale drawings of your space, and a color guide to help guide your decorating decisions.  Unpacking Imagine… all your dishes unpacked, washed and put away, food in the fridge and pantry, beds made, kids’ toys unpacked, and boxes gone. Have our team help you turn your new house into your new home. We can even coordinate a cleaning service to make sure everything is sparkling clean when you arrive. MOVE IN SERVICES UnpackingMoving is stressful, and unpacking your belongings is time consuming and exhausting.  So imagine arriving at your new home and having your dishes unpacked, washed and put away.  There’s food in the fridge and pantry, the beds are made and the kids’ toys are unpacked. Best of all, your boxes are gone.  We can even provide cleaning service to make sure everything is pristine when you arrive. Move-in decorating It’s often difficult to visualize your furnishings in your new home, so it’s not surprising many homeowners discover that items that worked in the prior home don’t work as well in the new one.  We can help you fit your existing possessions into your new space seamlessly, by using the same items in a new way and making recommendations on new purchases, as required. Organization Creating order where there is chaos, our expertise is helping homeowners “edit” items no longer needed to make way for new beginnings, new additions to the family, or just to create an environment that is more organized and less stressful.  We customize solutions that will meet our clients’ objectives. If your home suddenly feels too small, or you feel you could function better in your space with a little more organization, we can help. Estate downsizing Transitioning from a large home to a smaller space can be challenging. We specialize in helping our clients edit possessions that are no longer needed and organize their new living area to make best use of the space. How We Work Orientation We begin with an initial meeting or conversation to learn if staging can help you. This is an opportunity for homeowners and real estate agents to learn about the staging process and hoe it can benefit their home or listing. This process normally takes about 15 – 30 minutesAn estimate or quote for various levels of services can be provided at this time.   FEE for inital meeting is $25.00 which wil be applied to any job.       Basic or Full-Service Options We can help as little or as much as you like. We can provide partial hands-on services or full project management to complete your project on time and on budget.  An estimate will be provided at the initial meeting or at the end of your consultation, as you prefer.


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