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Debbie McKnight
Mentoring to the future stars...
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Here we are evolving again.  The thrill of learning new things, meeting with great new people.  I am so blessed to have had my ears open when I first heard about Active Rain.  I live in a sleepy little berg in the Tehachapi Mountains, straight up from the valley floor to an altitude of 4000+ ft.  I've been here for 10 years...I started out doing mortgage loans.  I thought I'd be doing those loans for local Tehachapians...guess what!  It was difficult breaking into the market I did loans for people all over the state.  Most of them I've never met, but I do my best for them and it works. Now I'm back to real estate sales where I started in 1991.  I love the first time homebuyers...they think I'm the smartest thing on two legs..Seriously, when they are happy, I'm happy..  I'm also learning to reach out to the rest of the world...that's what brought me to Active Rain.  I know that all roads lead to I must leave little bread crumbs so I can be found.  The internet has enabled me to reach the world as an independent real estate broker.

I don't have the sense to come in out of the rain....


Debbie McKnight


We've opened our own Real Estate Office inTehachapi....drum roll...Believe it or not, there are quality homes that defy description.  Give me five minutes of listening, and I'll deliver Tehachapi's finest to you.  And by the by, you and I are going to love exploring this world of Tehachapi.


We never forget, it's YOUR money.


Howdy! I love sharing new ideas with great people.