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"When it Matters Most...Count On Us" Cape Coral/Punta Gorda area. I work on a team with Tim (my husband) and John Aldridge (life long friend). We are never to busy for your referrals!

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Did you ever sell koolaide by the road when you were a kid?  How about corn from the garden your mother grew?  Or did you ever go door to door selling eggs from your aunt's chickens?  I did!  I think selling was in my blood for ever.  But when I grew up I went to work for GM in a wiring plant.  I worked there for 30 years.  However, I sold girl scout cookies there for my daughter (lots of them!), I made ceramic Christmas things and sold them in the plant.  Like I said, always selling! 

One of my special interests on the weekends was going to open houses.  I went to tons of them, I just loved seeing houses.  All the different layouts and things you could do to a house.  Do you see where all this is leading?

Ok, so I retired from GM and moved to Punta Gorda Florida with my husband Tim.  We bought our home three years before we moved.  We had friends and family come down and visit at our new home and seven of our friends ended up buying here.  I was selling houses to my friends and my realtor loved me because all he had to do was the paper work!!

Now if you are still reading this you will see how I am getting to where I am today.  One day shortly after we moved into this wonderful home I thought I was to young to retire and it was time to go to work again.  I went into the sales office at the gated community of Burnt Store Marina and Country Club, where we bought our home (plus 7 to friends) and talked to the manager.  It ended up they paid for me to get my real estate license and put me to work.  I have worked very hard and have been very lucky and in 2005 I was the Cape Coral employee of the year! It turns out I can sale real estate! 

So long story, but the short of all this is I can sell your home or help you find your new dream home.  I do it with a life long passion and a lot of customer care.

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I have been a realtor for 10 years and have been very fortunate to work with some of the top people in the industry.  Starting out I sold new homes exclusively for WCI in the gated community of Burnt Store Marina.  From there I sold customer built homes for PGI Homes and worked directly with the owner of the company.  I learned about blueprints and how to make structural changes to homes.  I learned a lot about customer care during these years.  I sold some resale homes to customers that didn't want to go through the building process.  I sold land to the people that did want to build. 

I have been a ReMax agent for the last 3 years but just recently moved to Allison James Estates & Homes.  I am very excited about this move. Allison James is a new real estate company that is leading in virtual real estate and is the leading GREEN real estate company in the nation. 

I work in Punta Gorda and Cape Coral primairly.  This is a great waterfront location for boaters.  Both towns have canal homes so you can dock your boat in your back yard.  Great concept.  We have Charlotte Harbor, which has over 100 miles of protected water, for fun and relaxing boating.  We also have the almost extinct manatee along the harbor.  A must see while you still can.  I personally enjoy seeing a bald eagle flying over head.  The harbor offers world class fishing.  This is a great place to live!

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