Craig Tone (DMZ Mortgage)

1126 Queens Hwy

Long Beach , CA 90802

Restaurants, site seeing, and loan applications are all within walking distance of my office. I like to drive to meet my applicants too. A lot of mortgage brokers don't do that. I do though.

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I like my customers.  I try to help them to be successful.  I hope that is what you do.  Together all of us can be more successful. There are many options for my clients including perhaps simply walking away.

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I'm in the mortgage business and I love it.  Mortgages are tougher now than they were before.  It was easy before because income was never verified.  Now that income is verified, people don't seem to qualify for mortgages anymore.  Now people are just walking away from their homes.  I've decided to learn as much as I can about walking away so that i can help others who may be considering walking away.  Walking away is not for everyone.  Think twice before you walk away from your home.