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For more about me read I Miss Groovy Berkeley and The Poet Robert Frost.


Why aren't the lenders doing the REQUIRED Note Modification?!  If a lender agrees to a Short Sale, they then should INSTEAD do the REQUIRED Loan Modification.  Just Do The Required Home Loan Modification or Is Your Lender A Patriot Or Terrorist?

"Uncle Sam says Home Loan Modifications are the required way to avoid foreclosure, but the mortgage lenders are NOT willingly doing them. Why?

Home borrowers are facing foreclosure that shouldn't be.  Senator McCain blames home loan lenders .  Home loan lenders are NOT doing the REQUIRED Note Modification.  Instead, irrational lenders are illegally doing Foreclosures and Short Sales in violation of their own rules. "  Blame Greedy Home Loan Lenders For Frightening Recession

Why are so many of the Real Estate Fraudsters not in jail?  Read my Among Us series @ and Reno Exposes - Questions I Promise To Pose.

Why don't Realtors support a Real Estate Degreement requirement for real estate agents?

Why don't Escrow Officers and and their managers support an Escrow Degreement requirement for Escrow Officers? 

Why don't Appraisors support a Real Estate Degreement requirement for Appraisors?

Why don't States support a Real Estate Degreement requirement for their Real Estate, Mortgage and Escrow Division employees?

Why is it that the ones cheated on, the honest Americans, are the ones in hell aka recession perhaps even depression, while the cheaters are not in prison for it?

How does an honest Realtor, Escrow Officer, Title Officer, Loan Officer, or Appraiser, compete against Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud?

Good Guys Don't Have Degrees Of Integrity.  Also, Beware Of Fraudulent Foreclosure Notices and Mortgage Steering.

Why The American Business System Is Collapsing, and


An only child, I was born in San Francisco in 1950, 3rd-generation on my mother's side, 2nd-generation on my father's side.