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Corcoran Consulting & CoachingSM is an international consulting company that specializes in Performance Coaching and the Implementation of sound business systems into the Brokers or Agents existing practice.

Corcoran Consulting & CoachingSM is one of the most sought after systems implementers in the real estate and mortgage industries. Having worked with top Agents and Brokers across North America, we specialize in helping you set up and implement efficient business systems. We start by first getting an intimate understanding of how you, your team, assistants and/or partners work and interact. Then, armed with this complete understanding, it's time to roll up the sleeves and fine tune, streamline and supercharge your real estate business machine. Get ready for your best year ever. Take it to the next level with Corcoran Consulting & Coaching.


How it all started:

Bob Corcoran's background comes from years of retail management and recruiting. While he was recruiting for Roth Young, an executive search firm, back in the late 80's, doing a search for a Telecom company; Bob helped to develop their IVR (Integrated Voice Response) technology that is so widely used through the real estate industry today. After the project had completed Bob was ready for a change so he decided to leave the Chicago area and hired a REALTOR® to help him do so.

Through the home selling process, Bob and the agent he was working with began to really see the value of what an IVR system could bring to a real estate business. Convinced of the IVR's value Bob decided to team up with a few others to start, ITP, The International Top Producers Network. The ITP was a company which developed marketing and other programs around the IVR technology that was specifically designed for REALTORS®.

After ITP, and working with REALTORS® all over the country, Bob saw a deficiency in the real estate industry...a lack of systems in the individual business. Bob joined the team of the same agent who sold his home and began systematizing everything they were doing in their real estate business. The results of which were that the team went from 18 million in sales to a whopping 30 million!

During Bob's time with the team he had the opportunity to meet many top producing agents in the US and Canada, and see what each of them were doing in their business, or really, what they were NOT doing. What Bob found was that even these mega producing agents were not running their real estate businesses like a business...they were just "flying by the seats of their pants" as Bob likes to say. Bob took a look around the industry to see if there were any Consultants or trainers out there providing these types of services to the real estate industry. Not seeing anyone filling this void, Bob stepped up and decided it was time for him to do so.

After two years with that original team, Bob turned his attention to consulting one of Canada's top producing agents. He spent 3 months with him and his team, transforming it into a systematized real estate business. Bob's client list looks like a who's who in real estate, full of top producers and mega agents from all over North America. All of whom, wanted to run their business as a business...for that expertise they turned to Corcoran Consulting and Coaching...and have not looked back since.

What we do:

Teach the Real Estate Broker the art of Coaching their agents Work with the top agents and Brokers in North America Implement cost effective systems Work with clients who want to get to the next level Performance Coaching


Specializing in

Database Management Buyer follow up systems Improving your Lead Generation Systems Improving the Effectiveness of your advertising Training and Accountability Systems for Agents and Buyer Agents Improving the effectiveness or setting up a telemarketing department Tracking the effectiveness of your advertising, Lead Follow up or Lead Generation Performance Coaching How do we do it? Help you Turn the Page Passion - Accountability - Goals - Efficiency Removing FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

We are an international consulting company that specializes in Performance Coaching and the Implementation of sound business systems into the Brokers' or Agents' existing practice.