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Specializing in home sales in both the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage for almost 20 years. New construction, condominiums, single family, multi-family, short sales, distressed properties. Very familiar

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Bio’s are hard to write because my mom always said “don’t talk about yourself all the time”. So I will give this a try.
Real Estate wasn’t my first career. When my children were young, I worked as an illustrator for a children’s magazine. I then branched out into books, while still drawing for the magazine, and also some graphic work. It was really fun and creative and I loved it. I especially loved being able to work from home, and this was long before the internet!
That company was sold to a Canadian company and I began to work more for myself doing graphic design and advertising, still working from home.
My husband was a general contractor and many times I would draw renderings for him or design house plans. I love to design plans, I imagine where my furniture would go and what colors I would use. It’s just fun for me. But I noticed that when I would design his plans, those he hired to sell his homes, weren’t selling them for how I designed them. That w as important to me, so I told him I was going to get my real estate license and sell his homes myself!
So here we are 20 plus years later, selling much more than just his homes, but also multi-unit properties, land and some commercial as well. So I guess you could call me the “Accidental Realtor”.
I love this job too, I love the people I work with and I love the flexibility and creativity required. Seems strange that this is a creative career but it is. There are so many different loan programs out there to meet all your specific needs, and being able to put them all together with the right house is just so satisfying! Really!
But now, I am grateful that I have this wonderful team that pulls everything together to meet the needs of our clients!
Tara Kerr, Realtor, wife, mom and “DYS freak” is a sales associate and also lists properties herself. She handles all our paperwork, schedules our appointments and is our liaison with the title companies and mortgage companies.

When you list your home with us, she will be the one you hear from when someone wants to show your house, orders title reports and inspection reports, let the appraiser into your home and all the other multitude of tasks that need to be done.
Or if you are the buyer, she will map out our showings for us to they are most efficient, you will hear from her to verify appointment times and she will coordinate all the different people in the transaction.
When you use her to represent you in a sale, she will show you around the neighborhoods, helping you choose just the right spot, listen to your wants and needs and dreams and have some great ideas on how to make your new home, yours!
Jonny Knutson, Realtor, wife, mom and grandma! There is nothing better than being a grandmother! I should know, I have several of the little angels myself! Jonny brings years of experience working with Military families. We are so blessed here to have such a strong military presence. And with that comes some pretty specific needs for those families. We are ready to help! Jonny understands all the ins and outs of being a military wife and can help you with what you are looking for. There are some great loan programs out there for military guys and gals. Sometimes, we can stack loan programs to get you into the house the you need for your family.
Lalia Bunn is our Marketing director. She is also a wife, mom and a tri-athlete! She is in charge of making sure our ads for all our listings are being presented in the best light, on the web or in print. She hires professional photographers to take photos of our listings. She works with the magazines we use to advertise your property, Homes and Land Magazine and the Real Estate Book. Both are wonderful resources and everyone seems to pick them up when sitting down at a restaurant. She also does our internet marketing, MLS listing marketing and Facebook and other social media. We try to use all types of marketing to get that home out there in front of everyone who is interested – and of those who aren’t too!
Our team is well rounded, experienced and……fun! We work well together and we complement each other’s strengths and fill in for each other’s weaknesses. We look forward to working with you. Give us a call! 

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