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Get to Know Cari Oakley

My name is Cari Oakley and I work for Commonwealth Funding Group (CFG).  I am currently positioned as a Loan Officer at the branch office in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.  Our company chooses to be licensed only in the state of Pennsylvania because we like to give our clients the comfort that they are dealing with someone who knows what it is like to live here. 

Also at CFG we choose to do most of our business face to face instead of having a phone to phone relationship throughout all of our deals.  As a loan officer I find it important to get to know the clients as I deal with them on a daily basis whether it be over the phone just to touch base or at our meetings in person while we are discussing or even closing our loans.  I like to give my clients the comfort that I am viewing them as people and not as business opportunities.  

 At CFG, our primary goal is to secure you the lowest interest rate possible.  We are a wholesale mortgage brokerage and because of that with one application, we are able to research at least 40 different lenders.  These lenders offer us more than 400 loan programs for us to select the best one for YOU!  These programs offer our clients savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars in interest and fees.


Commonwealth Funding Group is Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. Here at Commonwealth Funding Group our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial dreams.  We do this by providing them with a personalized loan program.  My goal is to help show my clients how to make their money work for them.   


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