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Hello! It's a pleasure to make your cyber acquaintance. Yes ma'am, yes sir, I am an independent consultant to millenial and Gen Y agents in the industry, but please note that 'young' is not a euphemism for 'inexperienced;' many agents and brokers are actively juggling listings, sales and rentals across the entire real estate spectrum - commercial, luxury, and distressed sales alike. They do not limit themselves to a particular niche market, client, or property type, as we are strong believers in exercising our abilities through as many mediums as possible to create a better, well rounded agent - all geared towards providing a memorable experience for the client.


Sometimes I will leave the serious, formal blogging for the buttoned-up old timers; much to my broker's chagrin, I occasionally try to bring out the lols and a little lightheartedness to the site (I'm originally from El Lay - we're cool like that).  Hopefully my dispatches as a noob in the elite suburban trenches of Boston will be both insightful and comulsively addicting. *insert slightly inappropriate but clever off-hand remark about equally addictive substances here, such as Diet Coke, reality TV, and college basketball*

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