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Cherie Beatty
Real Estate Agent serving Northern VA
location_on Warrenton, VA — Weichert, Realtors
Get to Know Cherie Beatty
My fiancé and I met Cherie for a first time tour of a home in Warrenton Virginia. The house we went to see did not strike our interest whatsoever. However, little did we know that going to see a random house would lead us to meet the best realtor you could find. That very first night we told Cherie what we wanted in a home. We provided a budget and knew that it was far fetched for the area. Cherie was extremely upfront and said that our price range was extremely competitive and wanted to make sure we would be ready to jump on a house if the opportunity arose. A week went by and listing after listing kept pouring our way from Cherie. We picked a date to go out and see as many houses as possible. There were a few houses that caught our eye, and a few that weren’t yet listed that Cherie managed to get us in to see. As we were walking through the very last house, my fiancé and I knew that we loved the previous house we toured. Cherie picked up the phone and immediately called the sellers agent and within a few minutes our “offer” was on the table. Shortly after that, our true offer was put together by Cherie. I won’t bore you with the remainnng details of signing papers and going to inspections. What I will say is that anyone who doesn’t use Cherie as a realtor is insane. She went above and beyond her call of duty to provide the smoothest home buying process I could ever imagine.
Cherie is amazing! She works hard to learn her buyers and sellers. Her ability to advocate for her clients is impressive. She really takes the time to learn their needs and helps keep expectations realistic. My husband and I were impressed with her professionalism, patience, and around the clock work ethic. Cherie is friendly and welcoming. If you want to buy or sell a home fast, and feel like your agent is on your team, Cherie is perfection
Cherie is so good at what she does that she is able to navigate the transaction and still have time to keep me in check. I can be difficult sometimes which she handled everything with grace and professionalism.
Cherie was absolutely wonderful. 100% on her game at ALL times. No matter what time we called (had a very short time to close) she picked up the phone. Cherie was very receptive to our wants and needs and did not waste our time with any homes that weren't legitimate candidates in our opinions. She was pleasant to work with throughout the entire process and made a stressful process extremely smooth and wonderful
First of all, when I first met Cheri, she came into the house a ball of energy. I wanted a worker and I got one. When I get into something like the remodel of a house, I put everything into it. Cheri does as well. She may have 5 - 10 listings, but she is on top of things. My house was being fixed up when I hired Cheri and I had a contractor take a bunch of money and then not finish anything, so I had to do the work myself. Needless to say, I was broke and stressed out. I needed a tile guy for a reasonable price. Cheri made a call and he showed up later that day, and finished two days later. I needed carpet and Cheri has a carpet guy. During the sale of my house, Cheri was understanding of Mine and my wife's schedule. Having two kids, it is difficult for late showings. Cheri was able to maneuver around this. She had two open houses and a brokers open, the house was not easy to sell and I would panic at times, but Cheri was a calming influence throughout. So, my wife and I found our house after looking at 4 houses. We wrote a contract and it was accepted. Now we really needed to get moving with the sale. That's when the brokers open happened. One week later we had a contract. Now I had to have all these inspections and tests performed, Cheri handled everything. She would schedule everything and check with us for conflicts. There wasn't a whole lot of negotiations with our purchase, we made an offer, they countered and we accepted, very easy. The sale of my house was all together different. I had people who wanted the world. My house was built in 1970, the buyers wanted a brand new house for the price of a 1970's house. They were very difficult to deal with and a lot of their demands were ridiculous for the most part. Cheri advised me of the normal expectations and she would pass along their demands, I would say no, and she would tell me she "already said no". They were difficult right up to the walkthrough before closing, and Cheri was tough with them. They just wouldn’t stop. The day of closing, after I fixed everything on their home inspection list they decided they wanted me to buy them a new water heater. That’s when Cheri said absolutely not. One more review I would like to give is for Dave Couk, he handled the financial end. Cheri will recommend him, take the recommendation, he is on top of everything. We had a 30 day close and Dave was prepared and we finished up ahead of schedule. Dave finished all this while he was planning his wedding and a trip to South America . He changed his cell plan so he could do business while on vacation. After closing, Dave brought us lunch and made some CD's for unpacking music. That was very considerate, the pizza came in handy but the music was no good to me because I still haven’t found the cord to the stereo. It was just very thoughtful. Cheri will get you the maximum for your house. Unfortunately comps and appraisals dictate what your house is worth, Cheri will go to the appraisal and get the max for you. I highly recommend Cheri. I happened to have found my little piece of heaven on earth. So I will probably never sell again, but if I do, Cheri will be my agent. She is very hard working, driven and tough. Funny also, my wife and I got a kick out her.
Ethel Ross- Seller
I had a different realitor at first,who was not doing the job. I then stumbled upon cherie from the very start she has went above and beyond, what you would expect from a realtor. She is on top of things from start to end. I would highly recommend her, she is what a realtor should be. Thank you so much cherie...Ethel
Lacee Zones- Purchaser
Cherie is very attentive. She listens to what you what and tries her best to find exactly what you want. Cherie devotes all of her time to her customers and gets them in a home in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her.
Nic- Renter
Cherie was an absolute pleasure to work with, as well as the whole Horizon team. Cherie went beyond normal expectations to ensure the entire leasing process was painless and smooth. Thank you so much Cherie, I look forward to working with you when we decide to purchase.