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When I bought my first house at 20 and everyone (including my parents) told me I was crazy, I just laughed at them and said there was no way i was wasting money renting.  I thought "hey, this home buying thing cant be too hard", boy was i wrong.  I am pretty sure my agent was in some kind of relationship with the home inspector, who didn't find the roof leak, heater malfunctions and a laundry list of other things that became apparent.  This left me feeling pretty sad that a experience that should leave you feeling warm and cozy - did the complete opposite. 

After being in my house about 2 years I had the opportunity to get my real estate license and jump in to "helping" people by getting a job with Foxtons, ya know YHD...the 3% company.  Well that taught me alot about the sales aspect, but my passion was to help the people.  Once I realized that the people werent as important to the company as the sales, I decided it was time to move on.  And so I did... to RE/MAX, boy what a change.  I now have a broker that cares about not only buyers & sellers but the agents he has working for him as well.

I have been in the business going on 5 years now and have watched the market change dramatically just in that short period of time.   When I bought my house you were just an order taker and then I watched buyers become more demanding and require more & more out of the house, the agent and the price.  This makes us as agents, have to bring in our big guns and step it up!

Another passion of mine is anything GREEN.  I have my GREEN designation, I enjoy living GREEN and I love talking GREEN.  The more I learn, the more I want to do.  Researching new ideas is one of my favorite things to do.  In 20 years this won't just be a "fad" anymore, it will be the mainstream of what we all are required to do. 

I want to help people feel like someones listening to them, helping them and at the end of the day we all walk away happy about the choices we made to get us here.  "Do to others what you want done to yourself" is a big motto for my life.  I believe in being fair and kind, not many people out there like this anymore.


My enjoyment comes from helping the first time home buyer find the house that fits them best for their situation (not always a dream house) and getting them through the process as emotionally safe as is possible.  I do enjoy working with sellers, relocation's, renters, referrals and all other real estate adventures as well.  Having my GREEN designation I enjoy working with properties that have open minded owners that allow a home to transform into a "smart" home.  Whatever your particular need is, I have time and patience to serve you.

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