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Get to Know Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen

Were it not for the kindness of complete strangers, I wouldn't be where I am today.  As a refugee to the United States, I grew up living a very simple life.  My family was sponsored by a church family who provided us shelter for 6 months while we got acclaimated to a new country.  We had very little money and a lot of love! That's what got us through at times.

My father worked on an assembly plant at Ford Motor Company while my mom worked at the church that sponsored us. While we didn't have a lot growing up and very little money, I don't remember ever lacking for anything. We appreciated everything we had and were thankful for being alive really. We didn't have the cool toys the kids have today - we just played outside a lot.

While living a very meager lifestyle, I knew there was more out there. I knew at a very young age that I wanted more out of life and that the possibilities were there.  I had to work and pay for my own way through college and get lots of student loans. The funny thing was that I didn't qualify as a minority at my college because there were so many Asians attending school there. So while I was a National Minority, I wasn't one at my school - The University of Illinois - so I didn't qualify for minority student aide. What got me though was that my roommate - who was an African-American - did qualify for the aid, received his money, and then proceeded to spend it all on a new leather trench coat and a stereo boombox. And then he proceeded to complain the rest of the semester how he had no money. Funny guy. I'm not sure if he knew the meaning of having no money.

Regardless, I graduated as an Industrial Engineering - which is something I never wanted to become.  My father wanted me to be an engineer though and as to not break his heart, that waht I did.  I then got a job working as a Manufacturing Engineer, then a Software Engineer, a Software Programmer, a Project Manager, and then an IT Business Analyst.  After over 10 years in the corporate world, I was done. 

I needed more than what Corporate America could provide me, so I started my own businesses.  Fast forward several years and I've spent over $100,000 on education, started multiple businesses, and now coach and help others. 

I specialize in Joint Ventures working with people to form powerful and mutually beneficial business transactions.  I started out working on rehabs, learning about short sales, wholesales, lease options, and you name it, I've probably done it.  I've done over 20 real estate joint ventures nationwide including a few multi-million dollar land and development projects.  In the past year, I've solidified relationships for REO packages, trade platforms, MTN's, and other interesting investment vehicles such as Gold and Diamonds. 

My focus is building powerful relationships and helping people succeed.  While I do fill out paperwork as a formality, I would rather do business on a handshake with people I can trust.  Trust is given and earned and I'm willing to work with anyone who is of like mind.


I currently specialize in introducing individuals with large portfolios to the appropriate investment vehicle for them.  Whether this is a multi-million dollar REO package or Oil JV or MTN buy/sell program, that depends upon the individual.  I also train and coach indivdiuals on business basics and real estate success.


Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Network Marketer, Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Uncle, and Fun and Dependable Friend (with a bit of Crazy Mixed In).