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Because: I know my business - My experience tells me that there are only two reasons why a home doesn't sell. One it's overpriced. I know the actual selling prices of comparable homes which are your direct competition and I can help you price your home so it will sell. Also, I can advise you on different ways to enhance certain features of your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers without you spending too much money. I know how and where to find buyers - The 2nd reason a home doesn't sell is because it's underexposed. Marketing your home to the right people is key. Most sellers and most agents fall victim to spending the bulk of their marketing budget on advertising that gets a home other than the one advertised sold. Let me explain, it's very rare when the person who calls on an ad actually buys the house they call on. Why? Because the house in the ad seldom lives up to the images a caller has from the words that are written. You see, an ad in the paper is there for one reason and one reason only, to get the phone to ring. More times than not, if a caller does buy it is usually a house that they have been switched to. The real question is: do you want your house to be the one advertised, or the one switched to and sold? Marketing to agents who specialize in selling homes like yours is far more effective. Having a working relationship with those agents is the result of representing properties that are priced right and earning a reputation of getting the job done in a professional manner. I know how to make things happen - Sometimes the only difference between a successfully closed transaction and a failed transaction is who you know. That might sound a little harsh but I have seen marginal transactions make it because a relationship was in place. Think about it this way... A homeowner (FSBO Seller) puts a transaction together once ever 3 to 20 years. A career professional may put together 1 to 20 transactions a month. A homeowner who moves frequently is more likely to move out of the area than stay in the area. A career professional works the same area year after year. Here's the question... If one or the other needs, or is going to receive special treatment from anyone in the vendor food chain, which do you think holds the advantage? The (once in a career) FSBO or the career professional? I know how to negotiate a contract that can close - Most real estate sales contracts are of a standard format and drawn up by very capable attorneys. My experience tells me that it's rare when a transaction fails because of the items pertaining to the pre-printed word. The key issues are dealt with when filling in the blanks. I know how to manage a transaction so it will close - As more and more vendors find their way into the transaction process we find out just how important transaction management really is. Coordinating the activities of lenders, loan committees, home inspectors, home warranty reps, title companies, insurance companies and closing companies or agents can require hours and hours of planning and orchestration. Add to that the involvement of walk-throughs, repair or maintenance companies, the possibility of re-negotiation (which does happen), moving companies and you quickly find a whole new respect for behind the scene efforts. Part of my job is to keep all of the plates spinning at once. Another part of my service is to provide you with a list of different vendors in the area who provide a variety of services you may wish to use during the transaction process. I know real estate law, practices and principals - While it is never my job (in fact, it would be against the law) to give legal advice, it is my job and I am required to look after your interests in a protective way throughout the transaction process. Working to avoid and practice that might result in legal entanglement is part of my service to you. I am a career professional - As your representative, you can be assured that you have an agent who is well trained and educated and an agent who is well equipped and prepared to take full advantage of the very latest technologies on your behalf. You can also rest assured that you have an agent who is associated with a brokerage firm that provides a quality of service that is well above and beyond the norm. As a career professional, my livelihood is dependent on me getting you the most money possible, in the shortest time possible, with as little inconvenience as possible. Bottom line if I don't get the job done right, I will have made a bad business decision and walk away with absolutely nothing to show for the time and money I have invested except a bad reference, and those destroy careers. I back my work with a written guarantee - The real estate industry is filled with warranties, pledges and guarantees of one sort or another. Frankly, many only get talked about when an agent feels it's the only way a seller might sign the agreement. As a career professional every seller I work with receives a written guarantee as to what services I will provide and a remedy for the seller should I fail to perform according to that document. My guarantee is the first thing out of my brief case, not the last thing. Words of Bottom Line University/Ralph Williams

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