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Buying or Selling? Experience matters! Put my 10+ years of experience to work for you. If you have questions regarding the value of your home or want information about buying call me today.

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What buyers need to know most is that buying a Foreclosed home IS NOT the same as purchasing a home from a traditional seller. Expertise, from a Realtor that has a proven tract record becomes even more important. It is important for buyers to fully understand what they are getting into. It is recommend to get help from a Realtor that specializes in Bank Owned Homes


Common Buyer Questions...

Will the bank pay for my closing costs?

Can I ask the bank to make repairs on the home? 

How long is the typical escrow, when can I move in?

What about inspections? Is there a warranty on the home? 

How can be sure the bank will accept my offer and get the best deal? 

Go to my Web Site and to get a copy of "The 5 biggest Mistakes Buyers Make" This is a must read before buying. Having this information up-front will help you make an informed decision.


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Building more important than "making the sale." As a professional Realtor I realize the importance of long lasting and trusting relationships. Most of my current business has been referred to me by past clients. The most rewarding feeling in my business is to have a past client call me, to give me the contact information for their family member. This type of trust is only attain by putting my clients best interest first even when it may mean "loosing the deal"