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ViBergman is a name and place that defines excellence in estate services. The purchase or sale of a home is unique. It represents more than that of a mere commodity. Homes are composites of our individual life experiences. They are places that trace our existence and, often, identity -- thereby outlining who we are, where we come from, where we want to be. Our homes hold within them cherished depositories of the past, present, and future. At ViBergman we believe there should be nothing impersonal or commercialized about our lives in this respect. The brokerage of homes, as they belong to this vision, are important commodities that are remarkable not just financially, but also in a very purposeful and complex capacity. Understanding this is the vision, philosophy, and mission of ViBergman. ViBergman is the name and place where homes are collaboratively understood in these terms. All ViBergman agents share a common thread: they are the best in the business and share the ViBergman mission of excellence in estate services. Regardless of the name of the street you live on, want to live on, your sales or purchase price, or your financial circumstances -- our estate agents understand the pivotal place homes have in our lives and the importance a sale or purchase may have within this context. ViBergman estate agents are expert marketers in a comprehensive and diverse range of home values, growing geographic locations, purchase and sales services, investment and development specialists, and accomplished in helping our clients transition during the sale or purchase of a home.Call your ViBergman estate agent today or contact us at our Central New England office at (860) 349-7084 so that we may assist you directly. Please feel free to visit our website at www.  Thank you for choosing ViBergman.


If you are buying or selling your New England home and recent market conditions have you concerned these are reasons New England home sellers should enter the market as fearless investors who own property in some of the most desirable regions on the planet. Despite the recent economic climate around the globe New England property continues to sustain value and continues to be one of the most ideal investments in the country and the world. Speak to a ViBergman estate agent today to further discuss the value of your property and your plans for the future. Our expert estate agents have a broad dept of knowledge both locally and beyond and are some of the most accomplished marketers and valuation experts in the Northeast.  Visit us on the web at or call us directly at our Central New England Office at (860) 349-7084 to see how ViBergman Northeast can help you in the purchase or sale of your home.  


ViBergman real estate is a FULL service brokerage. ViBergman Estate Agents are expert marketers of estate and property management services. Visit us at