Phillip & Theresa Slocum (Burroughs Company, REALTORS)

Oklahoma City , OK 73120

Slocum REALTOR Team serving the Oklahoma City Metro Area for Residential and Commercial real estate.

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Retired Army Officer, who is a licensed REALTOR, assisting clients connect Buyers needs with Sellers needs and Sellers needs with Buyers needs creating a *win *win transaction for all parties involved.

Add value to others, A Respect for people, to be open and honest displaying integrity, and an imprint left upon those we encounter.

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Listing properties, very e-tech, savvy; 15+ years of self taught internet search engines optimization.  Know the ropes where and how to get real estate listings the exposure to drive Buyers to your home. 

We only accept a few properties to list and promote.  We do this for serveral reasons.  We feel in order to best serve our clients needs, it is our duty not to get over loaded with too many properties; therefore, we only accept a small number of properties, so that we can focus our energies on those few properties; thereby bringing more buyers with potential offers to our clients.

Photography has been a passion for many years, a lifetime.  Professional quailty pictures and virtual tours of your property.

We welcome the opportunity to assit Buyers locate property for their next purchase.  We have access to the MLS to locate property and list property.

Buyers contact us for Free HUD list,                                        REO, Shortsale Team


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