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With the experience gained of 26 plus years in construction and real estate, I provide a thorough and professional Home Inspection. I will be happy to answer questions about the inspection process.

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From the 25th Anniversary issue of Gainesville Today Magizine
A HOME INSPECTION is one of the most pivotal stages of the home buying or selling process. But Bruce Graham, owner and operator of Bungalows to Mansions Professional Home Inspection LLC, who inspects homes in the Greater Alachua county area, believes that it's one of the best things you can do for your home, whether you're buying, selling, or just staying put. It can save you a lot of money down the road, after a smaller problem has compounded over time. Just like you go to your doctor for regular checkups, an inspection could be considered "a physical for your home." says Graham.  
Graham's experience gives Bungalows to Mansions an edge in the home inspection industry. For the 26 years prior to starting his home inspection business he worked as a heating and air conditioning service technician and project engineer, a commercial property manager, and as owner / operator of a home remodeling company. "Because of this experience, I literally know properties from the ground up."  
Graham is also a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) and fulfills at least 24 hours of continuing education each year and abides by a Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics. The NACHI exam is a tough one; with a 50 percent failure rate. "It's actually available for anyone to take on their Web site," he says, adding that it's a real eye-opener to see the questions being asked and realize just how much knowledge a good inspector needs to have.  
Graham also realizes that many people perceive home inspection as something negative - a stress-filled experience or a "deal killer" in real estate. However, he insists that this is not the case. Remember that a home inspection can often put your mind at ease if you're buying or selling a house by reassuring you of a property's quality. The more you know about the home, the better informed your decision will be regarding an asking price or offer. "It's the house that kills the deal, not the inspector" says Graham.
So what can you expect from a home inspection? Graham will give you an on-site summary, point out the major concerns, recommend a course of action, and provide you with a detailed computer-generated report complete with digital photos within 24 hours.
Finally, remember that the cost of a home inspection is very small when compared to the home being inspected. The money spent on a qualified, certified and insured home inspector is miniscule when you consider the grand scheme of things. Don't be afraid to spend a little more to get the experience you need for a quality inspection. Your investment - whether buying, selling, or simply staying put - could depend on it.  
Locally owned and operated, serving the greater Alachua county area.  
Inspected Once, Inspected Right! G  
To find out more about Bungalows to Mansions, or to schedule an inspection, log on to or call 352-871-8989.

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