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Hi guys and gals! My name is Matt LaClear and my wife and I and our six children live on a beautiful piece of property just south of Lansing, Michigan in a rural farming community. We have a very picturesque winding creek that runs alongside our 10 acres and my wife loves sitting out next to it reading and listening to it babble and flow. I myself like walking the back of the property where I regularly see deer, turkey, pheasant, coyotes, and a bunch of other critters including very cool cranes that have a call that sounds just like a bugle. They fly in pairs and you can hear them coming from about a mile away. They like wading through the creek snagging whatever they can find to eat. Though we made more money in 2007 than we did all of 2000-2006 combined we still drive a couple of 1989 vehicles that run great. We just don't see the need to keep up with the Joneses when we live in a pretty isolated community. I particularly like our pool house because it gives me a place to work in solitude away from our brood of children. I love the little snots but man they can sure disrupt my work. So I go out and hide and return after a couple hours when my work for the day is completed.

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