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Brian Trainum
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Get to Know Brian Trainum

My name is Brian Trainum, I have always wanted to be paid for what I do. This is why sales caught my attention. I have been self-employed and fully commissioned in the mortgage banking world for over 13 years. I have had much success here and contribute it to several characteristics I possess.I have a need, not a desire, a need to have passion and challenge in my work. When my work is providing this I can move mountains. When not, I sink.I have an ability to educate and talk to people in a way they hear and appreciate. One of my proudest accomplishments was hearing from employees that the training I created and presented enabled them to communicate intelligently with peers in the business with years more experience. I heard this from several employees I trained, and it was wonderful each time.I relate with the customer's experience and work diligently to ensure it is consistently and uniquely outstanding at every point of contact. From implementing systems that focus on this to ensuring all involved in the process know the customer's perceptions are vital to success, I value quality customer service and will always work to make it phenomenal.I like solving problems. Gathering information and putting together solutions that enable an organization to save money, improve a system, or provide a better service or product is a challenge I welcome.I greatly enjoy when I am part of an organization that has a direction, gives me a challenge. They can then watch as I set fire with enthusiasm and passion and accomplish more than they could have imagined. Keller Williams says "Talent Pushes You Continuously." I like the thought of having talented people push me to achieve more, and I like working in an environment where I can do the same for others.On a personal note, I value and possess loyalty, humor, and effective, open communication skills. I love my family and seek to leave every person I encounter better than when I found them.


NMLS #258569