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Brandon Trivitt
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Our business is comprised of certified credit counselors, certified debt arbitrators, and certified debt specialists. We are credit experts. Our senior staff has not only worked to help thousands of people turn their lives around and get back their credit freedom, but has also worked to settle hundreds of thousands of dollars in thousands of cases saving clients a lot of money in providing a viable opportunity to avoid bankruptcy. We understand in today’s economy that your personal three digit credit score is the single most important number that will determine whether you obtain good financing. We also understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and when it does, bills can get out of hand and become delinquent, or you could incur more debt until things get turned around


We look at everyone’s situation from a very unique perspective because let’s face it; typically every situation faces different challenges. First, we will look at all credit reports to identify what accounts are likely having adverse affects and what accounts are likely having a positive influence and why. Second, after having identified the adverse accounts that are having a negative impact on your credit scores, we assist you in the correspondence that’s required to work with the major credit bureaus to remove accounts that are unverifiable, reporting incorrectly, outdated, misleading or questionable. Everything we do is 100% legal and ethical and in compliance of both state and federal laws. During this process you will have 24/7 access to a client login page where you will see in real time what items have been removed and what the status is on each account. In addition, we work with each client to educate them on what could be done to improve a positive account or obtain one and provide solutions with a realistic approach to getting the best and highest possible scores in the shortest period of time. We are licensed in the state of Texas and are a member in good standing with both the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance.


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