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Charles Cobb
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Get to Know Charles Cobb

My name is Charles and I have been only an agent for a couple of years.  I have done very well in the short time I have been doing this, I think its because of my background in financing and maybe it brings a little more to the table.  I also have worked with a lot of real estate investors who have shown me that a home should not be bought like a car, it should not go down in value once purchased, but provide the purchaser more, another investment for the purchasers future.

I really do my homework, it is not just about grabbing a bunch of listings and emailing them to the customer and saying let's go take a look.  To me it is about making sure that it is a chance to teach and share ideas that make homebuying a memorable experience, I think customer service in this country has become a lost art, everything from the banking, to fine dining establishments, to anything that requires people to truly earn their money for the work they are paid to do and it is a shame you can't find or will accept a lower expectation.  In everything I do I want the customer to know they are getting their money's worth when they use my services.


I have been working with first time homebuyers primarily, I am very careful to make sure that my clients are not being taken advantage of by mortgage brokers placing them in a sub prime loan, when they are qualified for possibly a A or Alta A scenario.  For years I had plenty of time to look at various loan options, some very good and others are terrible, I have also seen people taken advantage of by other loan officers and in my opinion I wish the mortgage industry would crackdown even harder to protect people and put away greedy loan officers.

If I can give you a anology for a moment, a quarterback in football checks to make sure first that the primary playcall is available first, and then goes for his second and third options, sometimes throwing the ball out of bounds is the best option, regardless a sack is play going the wrong direction.  I am very high on making sure that people are given my very best, I feel working people deserve it.


A real estate and mortgage professional, always a student even with all the years I have been in this business. Always humble, always looking for ways to do things better. A True love for what I do