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Jane Tecca
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Get to Know Jane Tecca

Real estate in Montana is a fascinating challenge in some ways. I find that working in this indusrty lends itself to sometimes needing to prove that I am a Realtor unlike most. Unfortunately some real estate agents have established themselves with less than ethical standards. I strive, on a daily basis, to set myself apart from the pack.

I believe that each and every client, be they the buyer or seller, of a $100,000.00 or a $4,000,000.00 property are given all the attention needed for them to enter into a transaction completely versed in all aspects of the deal. Some clients wish to know everything and then there are those who want me to "just handle it".

I am in the business to first and fore most honestly and ethically represent all clients to the best of my ability and secondly find the perfect fit property be it residential, commercial, or farm and ranch.


As far as expertise goes I have found living in a small community, otherwise know as Paradise Valley, I have had to become "an expert" in all fields. It was that or starve. As cocky as that may sound I also do not have a problem owning up to not having all the answers. If I don't know something I am more than willing to admit to it but I will then go to work to get you the answers you need or but you in touch with an expert who can answer your question.

I also have found being able to represent transactions in the residential, commercial, and farm and ranch for both buyers and sellers has given me experiece that some real estate agent lack knowledge in.   

My goal is to have informed buyers, sellers, and sometimes shoppers. There is noting more satisfying than to close a deal and have completely happy participants


We are a real estate firm with offices in Big Timber and Livingston Mt. Our focus is promoting real estate with an emphasis on conservation and smart growth