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Our Company The Problem. The Solution. The Bottom Line.   The Problem The Insurance Marketplace in Florida is anything but stable. With new companies starting up and old companies moving out of Florida, consumers are left in situations that certainly cause unrest. Questions arise and doubt is prevalent in mind of the buying public. What can be done? Will my insurance company be around in a year? Will they be able to pay their claims? Can I trust my agent? These are questions that need to be answered without a doubt. Is there a solution? Fidelity Insurance Group believes there is. The Solution We are not going to tell you how many great companies we represent, because quite frankly there aren’t many great companies out there. We won’t tell you how great our technology is, because this should be part of any agency’s infrastructure. We won’t tell you what you want to hear just to get your business. We want to earn it! What we will tell you, is how to protect you, your family, your business, and your assets without breaking your bank account, while ensuring you are with an insurance company that has the financial wherewithal to pay claims. We feel that our three guiding principles have kept us in this game for almost 10 years and will continue to do so. So here is insurance uncomplicated. Fidelity Insurance Group was founded on three simple principles. Knowledge, Integrity, and Commitment. We at Fidelity feel that every employee must maintain and always continually seek to further their knowledge of the volatile insurance marketplace in Florida through continuing education, additional licensing, and designations. A higher degree of knowledge allows us to communicate the issues of insurance we face to all our clients. Ever heard of the Golden Rule? Well, that is how we feel at Fidelity Insurance Group. Having integrity seems to be absent with many insurance agents in today’s world. Maybe that is why insurance agents and agencies are many times perceived as a notch below the “used car salesman”. We are on a mission to change that perception one person at a time. Sometimes that means not doing business with a perspective client. If it is not in the client’s best interest we do not do it! Saying you’re committed and showing it is two separate things. Everyone says we have great customer service. This should be expected by every person. Great or even good customer service is a rarity today. Fidelity Insurance Group strives to improve our service to our clients every day. We welcome criticism. We want to know what we can do to improve. We also like to know what we do well. No company or person is perfect, so our Commitment to you is to always work towards perfection. Bottom Line. No Fancy BS. Just Plain Talk and Answers You Can Understand.


Fidelity Insurance Group, Inc is North Florida's Premier Provider of Homeowner's and Flood Insurance. We are an independent insurance agency represent the top rated insurance companies in Florida