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I have lived in Arizona since 1952.  I graduated from North Phoenix High School in 1955, received BA- English, Social Studies in 1959 from Grand Canyon College and Master's Degree- Administration in 1964 from Arizona State University. I became licensed in real estate in 1963 and Broker's license in 1966.  I taught numerous real estate courses at Mesa Community College- 1973 -1980 and also at Central Arizona College- 1977-1980.  I have presented the "BIG ZERO" CONCEPTS Real Estate Investors Seminars since 1979 to the present and still presenting them to investors.  I have helped scores of investors to prosper in their real estate investments by taking advantage of creative strategic investment strategies as they have been modified to adjust to the many changing economic scenarios from the four major downturns since the mid 1970's to the current downturn market. Ironically, most of the investors that started during each of the downturn markets are the ones who have excelled the most.  We are, of course in the greatest downturn since the Great Depression  The opportunities are phenomenal for those who are wise enough to captialize by aggressively acquiring super bargains and have set a definite investment plan for obtaining maximum profits.  Contact me to discuss the steps to take to get started by discussing what, where, how, when to invest and when to sell.  The "5 P's" of Success = "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance".  Most don't plan to fail but they fail to plan. Don't become a permanent member of the "I Could Have Club".  Bob Laird, ABR, ABRM, ePro Certified, Associate Broker-  602-740-4215  website:



I have concentrated primarily with investors for the past twenty-one years.  I spend much time coaching and training new and also seasoned investors to make sure that they are very knowledgable concerning sound basic investment strategies that work.  The emphasis on ROI- return on investment is very important but it also stands for the return of your investment. Unfortunately, many who did not receive this training have not  learned this very important lesson that the return of your investment is paramount. There have been five major down markets since I bacame licensed in 1963.  There are very valuable lessons to be learned from them and each had similar aspects as well as very different aspects to them.  Sound investments  need to start right if they are to end right.  The use of DCA (dollar cost averaging) maximizes the profit potential by its use to buy at the very lowest overall purchasing prices and also to sell at the very highest overall selling prices.  Five basic methods are needed to obtain the greatest net return (net spendable Income).  Lastly, the very carefully planned tax strategies to implement to obtain the greatest net after tax cash flows possible are emphasized.  This includes a very detailed analysis of the tax shelter formula and how each of  the three phases work in order to shelter your OTI (otherwise taxable income).  Some think that the cost of training is high but not compared to the very high cost of not following these very basic sound investment methods.


Arizona real estate broker specializing in bargain real estate investment opportunities in Arizona for over 47 years. Take advantage of my creative investment strategies to make maximum profits.