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When integrity matters, call us for your real estate appraisal and consulting needs. We provide accurate, dependable analyses to assist you in your decision making processes.

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Appraisal Works is the premier provider of real estate services in southern Ohio.  The company is owned by Doug Walker.  Doug is a State Certified General Appraiser with over 15 years of appraisal experience.  We provide appraisals of all property types in Highland, Clinton, Brown, Pike, Ross, and Adams counties.  We also provide appraisals of most commercial properties in an expanded geographical area to include areas south of I-70.  If we don't provide coverage in your area, we will use our network to locate an appraiser you can trust!  It's this dedication to customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. 

We can assist you in buy/sell/lease decisions, determination of market rent, provide you with general or specific market data, evaluate estates, trusts, wills, condemnation proceedings, insurance claims, or any other real estate related information you need.  In addition to valuing real property, we can also assist you with evaluating many types of personal property including antiques, equipment, and household items.  There is no need to call multiple companies.  Appraisal Works of Hillsboro is the answer to your real estate and valuation problems.

We present our appraisals and consultations in easy to read reports.  As appropriate, we utilize either pre-printed report forms and customized narrative formats.  Either option enables us to cater to your individual needs, provoding specific information to assist you in your decision making process.  It's just one more way that we provide great customer satisfaction. 

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How many appraisers claim to be experts in virtually every property type?  We don't make that claim.  To do so would be misleading.  Sure, we have appraised large medical facilities, industrial properties, nursing homes, funeral homes, car washes, and assisted living facilities.  Does that make us specialists?  We don't think so.  While we have the knowlede and experience of appraising most every property type, we cannot specialize in all of them.  Our core business consists of rural residential, agricultural, convenience store/fuel marts, limited service hotels, and various other commercial properties.  We are experts in this area for those property types. 

Before hiring an appraiser, you need to determine the if you have a unique property type.  If your property is unique and has a very specific market segment, then you need an expert.  We are experts in appraising rural properties, fuel marts, and limited service hotels.  If your property is relatively typical of the market, than any certified and qualified appraiser should be able to satisfy your needs.  It's best to find one that is ethical, honest, and experienced.  In other words, call us!

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