Angie Nishnick (The Real Estate Group)

Native of Hampton Roads and former MLS Training Coordinator I have uncompareable knowledge to help my clients get the best out of their real estate needs.

Get to know Angie Nishnick

What sets me apart from the other 7200 licensed Hampton Roads agents?

 Personality and knowledge.  I insist on positivity.  There are so many negaitive agents focusing on a 'normal' market because they are used to a sellers market.  A good agent will see positivity in any market! 

As the former training coordinator for the local MLS, I have trained 1000s agents on marketing, research, CMAs, and other aspects of real estate.  Together with my husband, we have been licensed for about 8 years.  We specialize in unique marketing that is more than just 'a sign in the yard and a MLS listing'.  This market requires full service in every aspect.  We are constantly calling agents we have working relationships with and that results in closed sales.

 For buyers, we are both natives of this area.  We know this area backwards and forwards.  We can give you all the help you need in deciding city, neighborhood, and price.  With our connections with the very best lenders and title companies, we can make sure you close ON TIME.

We look forward to speaking to you!


The market has changed over the last few years.  However, the market is great for buyers.

Looking at the MLS, you constantly see 20-30k reductions.  It's no wonder buyers are hesitating.  Why should they buy a home when a builder is going to mark it down 30k in a month? 

We firmly believe price reductions are not the way to get a home sold.  With that said, sellers should listen to the agent they hire, look at the SOLD compareables on the CMA, and price their home aggressively to begin with.  Pricing high, and waiting to see what happens will not work in this market.  Sellers should hold their pricing and offer other incentives like a decorator's allowance, closing costs, etc.

 As for the buyers, the time is now to buy!  Inventory is up and interest rates are fantastic !! Our market tends to shift every 3 or 4 years and we are coming up on year #3 with 2008.  For the buyers who have no contingency to sell, you are in the perfect position to negotiate the best deal.  A lot of buyers are sitting on the fence as to when to buy.  If you don't do it now, you will be kicking yourself later when the inventory lowers and sellers have the upper hand.

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