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Facts about the 5 yr fixed pick a pay:


1)     The note rate is fixed for 5 yrs, just like a standard 5/25

2)     The note rate is comparable to what is normally the

             margin + index (on a traditional option arm); but the

             note is usually lower and has no adjustments

3)     The borrower can pay the note rate Interest Only,

30 or 15 yr PI

       4) The deferred payment, i.e. start rate is calculated interest

            only and is usually comparable to the same payment

            at 1.00% - 1.75% PI

5)     The deferred payment is fixed for 5 yrs or 115% which

is about the 55th month

6)     The 5 yr fixed pick a pay allows for 100% financing

            vs. 90% on a traditional option arm

7)     Borrowers that will take this program are those who

a)     Want out of a moving index option arm, and/or

b)     Cannot afford going rates starting at 6.50%

c)     Need over 90% financing

  Just like a standard 5 yr fixed – but

          with 4 payment options!!!

   Example: 500K, 80/20, SIVA, SFR, Owner Occ – 681 mid-Fico

   5 YR FIXED NOTE RATE: 6.875%@par (comparable to a

   traditional 5/25) = $2291 Interest Only

   DEFERRED INTEREST RATE: 3.875% = $1291 per month

   (FYI – 1.00% PI = $1286)

   The borrower is deferring a FIXED $1000 per month

   ($2291 minus $1291) ► 12K per year

● In a slow California market researchers estimate that

    homes appreciate 5.00%-7.00% per year

● 500K x 7.00% = 35K…..minus 12K deferred interest

       ► Equals 23K Gross appreciation

       ► Equals 13K Gross appreciation (@ 5.00%)

AND the borrower only paid $1291 per month for $400K




(100 CLTV) Based on 100K the payment is only $1027/mo.

Mortgages these days are NOT about rates

….they’re about payments, comfort regarding mortgage stability,

and overall investment outcome. This program offers all of these

necessities and more!!!



Refinancing your current mortgage has never been easier. If you thought refinancing meant getting buried under mountains of paperwork, think again! We make it easy, and worry-free!! Call me right now!