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Hello!Do you or anyone you know have a BAD HOME LOAN? You know - one of those nasty adjustable rate mortgages perphaps? Perhaps the rate has already adjusted and your mortgage payments have already increased significantly. Perhaps you're one of the ones that it hasn't happened to -- yet...I'm working with a company that is modifying loans by negotiating directly with lenders to lower payments, lower balances, remove any past due payments, and remove derogatory credit items related to those late payments. Even if you're not yet behind in payments, we can still help you renegotiate better terms on your existing loans.YES, THIS WILL WORK ON INVESTMENT PROPERTIES! BRING YOUR ENTIRE PORTFOLIO! (I DID!)This is NOT a refinance - it is a "loan modification". While there are other companies out there doing this, no other company matches what this company can do for you. We have a team of attorneys and paralegals that negotiate on your behalf. We have submitted so many packages to lenders that many lenders have assigned dedicated staff to handle only our files! We work through the legal department and NOT the loss mitigation department, so our files don't get held up in those HUGE stacks of ongoing short sales! 8-)Don't let yourself or anyone you know become one of the sad statistics that you're hearing about on the news.Give me a call at 714-931-7473 on my cell or visit my website to take the first steps in fixing a bad loan.We are offering a FREE no-cost, no-obligation document review for all files submitted by the end of July, so please don't hesitate to contact me.Take care,Kevin Bostickevin@myloansux.com714-931-7473 cellPS: I need real estate or other professionals to partner with me in marketing this incredible service! Let's get the word out there and save as many homes as we can!

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All areas of real estate investing, mostly residential, but some commercial. I have done some distressed property deals in Southern California, but I'm mostly concentrating on building a portfolio of cash-flowing rental properties all over the US. I ALWAYS buy with BUILT-IN EQUITY and POSITIVE CASHFLOW in GROWING MARKETS all over the US. I have full-time staff in 6 cities that find deals for me, negotiate, fund, fix, tenant, manage, and then ultimately sell for me and my colleagues!

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