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Alchemy Real Estate Group Seattle Real Estate
Represent Seattle's Builders & Intelligent Clients
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We work with Seattle's Best Builders.  Most projects are not available to the  public, BUT because of our long term relationship with the builders we have an expansive database of soon to be finished homes that are normally hidden until completion. 


You benifit because:

1.  No competition with other buyers

2.  More homes to choose from

3.  High quality new construction

4.  You pay no brokerage fees


In addition we connect you to:

1.  Most builders in Seattle

2.  For sale by owner properties

3.  Motivated sellers previously listed on MLS

4.  Rare "Home / Investment" properties


Because we represent Seattle's Best Builders, we often find properties to develop that our builders want, but for them to hold a property for one or two years during the permitting process is not possible.  They need to keep generating jobs for their employees, so builders must pass over excellent long term investments.


Their loss is your gain.  Live in the home, step through the permitting process, sell the home with the increased value, and either do it again, or buy the home you really wanted with your earned equity.


Take a short 1 hour class and learn how.


Representing the best builders in Seattle, and the most intelligent home buyers & home sellers.