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Alan Cerro
Land Use and Consulting Services
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DCG Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with local governments and agencies, academic institutions, faith-based organizations, non-profits, local and other community service providers that work to bring revitalization, education, hope, healing, enlightenment and prosperity to those they serve. We shall provide real estate development and brokerage services that will maximize the value and long-term sustainability of their real property assets.

Together, we shall create "Communities of Value."



Statement of Values

We are committed to serve and honor both those for whom we work, as well as those whom we work with, believing these values to be paramount to achieving market-based measures for revenue growth, profitabilty and, for our investors, return on investment. Our values include:

Doing the "right thing," all the time, without qualification, without condition Being on time, all the time, no excuses, no explanations Being prepared, all the time, no excuses, no explanations Being professionally attired, all the time, no excuses, no explanations Communicating continuously and with creditability to our clients Critically exploring all options to meet market demand and serve our clients better, avoiding GroupThink, i.e. consensus building for the sake of consensus building. Selflessly serving our clients and supporting our fellow colleagues, celebrating their victories while supporting them during times of challenge. Endeavoring to reach our full potential spiritually, relationally, academically, professionally, and physically.



V.P. Land Acquisition & Business Development | During the past 12 years, Alan Cerro has been consulting for closely held real estate partnerships providing expertise