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St. Stephens Church , VA 23148

Actively helping homeowners facing the loss of their home to Foreclosure in the Hanover County Virginia area.

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Homeowners... About to lose your home? Want to save your home? Want to sell your home quickly? We Help People Searching for a Solution! We can help you! How we can help...

Every situation is unique and must be evaluated to determine which options are available to the homeowner. We have the ability to help with a mortgage reinstatement, a restructuring of the terms of an existing mortgage, the refinance of a mortgage, or if the homeowner wishes to sell there home we can purchase it for a fair price and we have the ability to close quickly.

We will evaluate the homeowner's current financial situation to give them the best option for their situation. If the hardship has passed, and their current situation allows for them to catch up on their mortgage payments, we can help with the negotiations with the mortgage company.

If the homeowner's hardship is going to be around for a while they still might be able to keep their home. There are situations where the homeowner would be able to enter into a loan modification agreement with the mortgage company that would allow for lower payments until the hardship has passed.

We would like to tell you that there is a guaranty that ALL situations can be resolved - but that is just not possible. We are very successful and we have a track record with many mortgage companies and mortgage servicing companies but every situation is different and every mortgage company has different policies. This only allows us to guaranty that we will work hard to get homeowners the very best solution in your situation.

Let us take a look at the situation and suggest a couple of solutions. The homeowner can choose which way you would like to go!

There is no pressure, and the homeowner is under no obligation whatsoever to implement the plan that we suggest. There is no cost to the homeowner - this is a free service that we offer to those homeowners in trouble. We will not steal the homeowner's home away from them! Our interest is simply to help them through this bad time. We are not trying to sell anything nor are we trying to take advantage of the homeowner's situation. Homeowners are under no obligation to implement or follow through with the course of action or actions that we might present to them. Homeowners have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

There is no charge for using our services and homeowners are under no obligation at any time to continue with our services unless specifically noted and agreed to.

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us.

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