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The AgentsArmor™ mobile application is a personal safety application designed specifically for the real estate industry. The SafeAgent™ Training Program accompanies this valuable app.

Get to know Ricardo Ruiz del Vizo

AgentsArmor™ Corporate Headquarters is located in the beautiful gulf coast community of Sarasota, Florida.

Our Founder and CEO, Ricardo Ruiz del Vizo, is 22 year veteran law enforcement officer and licensed real estate agent in the State of Florida.  During his law enforcement career, he had the great honor of serving as liaison to the Central Intelligence Agency and instructing other law enforcement officers in Counter-Terrorism operations.  He has served in the United States Army overseas in multiple conflicts and has been on many personal protection teams for several high ranking officers and dignitaries throughout the Middle East and Africa.  He is a Certified Security Specialist through the United States Army and holds multiple other military and civilian certificates in law enforcement and security related specialties.


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The AgentsArmor™ mobile application ("app") for iPhone and Android users is a personal safety application designed specifically for the real estate industry.  Through the implementation of a “Layered Defense Security” platform towards your own personal security, you can substantially decrease your vulnerability to becoming a victim of crime.  The AgentsArmor™ mobile application is a valuable and indispensable “layer” in a real estate agents overall personal defense strategy.  The AgentsArmor™ mobile application is meant to be used in conjunction with the personal safety practices recommended by the National Association of Realtors, and through your Real Estate Broker’s safety policy.

Unlike other mobile safety applications, AgentsArmor™ was designed specifically for use by Realtors.  AgentsArmor™ was conceived and developed by a Realtor for Realtors…and its functions reflect this.  AgentsArmor™ is also the only real estate agent safety application in the world that is so specific to the real estate industry that it has a patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The SafeAgent™ Training Program is a safety program designed to work in conjunction with the AgentsArmor™ mobile safety application and be a part of your overall personal Layered Defense Security strategy or brokerage  security policy.  The cost of this program is included with your service agreement with AgentsArmor™ and is a complementary addition to help increase your safety and awareness.  SafeAgent™ training resources such as PowerPoint presentations and handout materials are also available to Brokers wishing to add the AgentsArmor™ mobile safety application to their brokerage’s security policy.

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