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Are you looking to gain an edge on your competitors?   Looking to make REO listing's a central part of your real estate business? Asset Managers and Valuation companies are looking for Real Estate Agents with these goals to market there assets.

Advanced REO Network provides you direct access to showcase and market your capabilities and areas of expertise to Asset Managers across the United States. Your name is exposed in front of Asset Managers in need of REO marketing and valuation services.

REO Agent Benefits:

· Listing Opportunities

· BPO Opportunities

· Link to your personal web site 

• Direct Exposure to Assest Managers


We provide a national online reo directory for all 50 states that banks, asset managers, and reo industry providers can locate Reo professionals quickly and efficiently to interview, contact or call them to handle there reo assignments and Bpo request.

With the recent foreclosure boom through out the past years this has created a enormous opportunity for realtors, and other reo vendors to list reo properties, Short Sales and handle Bpo assignments. It has opened up a whole new avenue for realtors to make more money, increase there listing portfolio and become a solution to current market. Banks and asset firms need agents to list and sell there inventory. They also need professionals to give Broker Price Opinions (BPOS) on properties that need to have there current market value assessed before listing them. By joining our online directory you will be exposed to many Reo asset companies, banks, asset managers and default providers. No we are not a asset firm or bank, we offer agents and other Reo vendors the exposure and marketing so asset managers and asset firms and banks may locate and use your services. We do not assign the listings or Bpos. All emails, phone calls, or business you receive from a asset company, bank or default provider will come directly from the asset companies, banks or service providers who utilize our site as a tool to contact you.

Our main goal is to serve Banks and Financial Institutions in the disposition of their foreclosed properties. Below is a list of Asset Managment companies that has or is still using our service to locate Reo Agents to market there assets.

Alti Source,Dispo Solutions,Equity Pointe,Fannie Mae, I Short Sales,Integrated Mortgage Solutions, Green River Capital,Keystone,Kondaur Capital,Lenders Processing Services,M.D. Webb,Meridan Asset Services,Old Republic,Precission Asset Managment,Prima Services,and PVC Murcor, and many more.

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Advanced Reo Network is an association of REO Brokers networking together throughout the country to obtain an added edge on all other brokers with Asset Managers to help banks manage and sell their di