steven jackson, Local 30-A Realtor (30-A Local Properties)

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Get to know steven jackson

Steven and his wife, Katie, left Tampa which was home for over twenty plus years. Business opportunity brought them both up here and they fell in love with the area quickly. He grew up all over the world and because of that, he has learned important skills in socializing and interacting with people from all sides of life. Steven love’s traveling, going off the beaten path is how he finds the soul of the country, do what locals do and you can appreciate it more. One of his great passions is food, and breaking bread with people. Dining is the great icebreaker, if there’s nothing to talk about, at least you can talk about the food. With an extensive background in the food industry, he managed a very successful South Tampa Restaurant. Coming up with events to be staged by the restaurant always kept it fresh and relevant. One of his most challenging events was organizing and coordinating with food vendors, liquor distributors to break and set the Guinness book of world records “largest Sangria pitcher in the world”. It was a fun accomplishment and raised a ton of money, but the real joy was sending all proceeds from the fund raiser to the Tornado victims of Oklahoma.

After nearly twenty years in the industry, Steven made a career change and hasn’t looked back. Steven and another Realtor went into acquisitions and renovations together. Steven became passionate with finding distressed homes and bringing them back to life. He refers to them as hidden gems in buried treasures, they just need polishing. He gives credit to his success in the business because of his attention to detail which he learned and mastered from the management world. It’s not just meeting your Client’s expectations, it’s going beyond that of which is expected. Steve’s work ethic begins by being of maximum service to his clients, by putting his feet in his Client’s shoes, he can work on visualizing their primary or secondary dream home. With a diverse background, exciting life experiences, attention to detail, just negotiation skills, Steven can make your next transition your success. He is thrilled to be with 30-A Local Properties, from the minute he stepped in the office, the synergy amongst these professionals was electrifying. 30-Local Properties is home.

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