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My business is real estate. I'm the person you want to call if you need to buy, sell or lease a home. All I have ever done in my career is close homes; whether I listed houses, wrote the mortgage application, taught someone else how to do it, or managed people who did all these things. I have been an integral part of literally thousands of home closings in some way, shape for form. How many real estate agents can say that?

I believe customers want a real estate professional who communicates in a timely fashion, is honest and works with care, skill and has thorough industry knowledge. I want a long term relationship with my clients and customers. Therefore, it is my responsibility to provide them with more service than they expect. I have the best interests of my clients at heart, at all times.

Specialties: Strong negotiator with professional presentation; strong home staging skills, extensive mortgage experience.


I am very skilled with first time home buyers for  key reasons, and my experience differentiates me from any other buyer's agent.   I am also excellent with sellers because I  can expertly qualify any offer that is presented.

1.  I spent much of my career on the mortgage side of the industry.  I know how to qualify a buyer, work with a lender and find the right resources for financing.  I DO not take out customers who have not obtained a preapproval from a qualified mortgage expert (unless they are paying cash).    I devote a tremendous amount of time to my buyers and I ask that they come to me ready to make a move.   Furthermore, I respect any seller who has decided to list their house with an agent.   It is my duty to only bring qualified buyers into anyone's home.   Similarly, when I represent a seller, I expect only qualfied buyers  see my client's house.

2.  The construction industry was part of my household  for fourteen years.  Buidling permits and blue prints were on the dining room table more than dinner.  I understand building codes, zoning laws and variances.  I know enough to walk through a house and ask the right questions, check out electrical panels, look for signs of water or any other visible and potential issues.

3.  Because of the above, I ALWAYS pull an OPRA request on any property for a buyer or seller.   Transfer of real estate should not be about surprises.  The Open Public Records Act allows anyone to request public information from the building department on any property.  Doing this enables me to know if the house has any open or closed permits, and that any renovation work was done correctly.  THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

4.  I have been in sales my entire life, which makes me an excellent negotiator.  I pull the right comparables and present my buyers in the best light possible to the seller.  I am a subject matter expert in my market.   For my clients and homeowners, I can expertly consult on which offers are best.  A full price offer from a buyer with a housing contingency is not necessarily stronger than a lower offer from someone who is renting and can move at any time.    Because I can qualify a buyer so well, I can qualify an offer from the buyer (to my sellers) as a subject matter expert.

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