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From Hero to Zero (by carlosbarron)
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Listingbook used to be a great tool that many of my buyer clients used quite often and loved. Many used to even refer Listingbook to friends and family. While Listingbook was not perfect, it served as a great tool to communicate with my clients about specific properties they were interested in while giving them the search flexibility they wanted. But then came the AI update... What a DISAPPOINTMENT. The old Listingbook used to be buyer centered where everything revolved around the buyer and they could easily view properties and leave notes for me. But the new one seems to be property centered and revolves around individual properties. Every property pops up in a new window which is very annoying. If I want to leave a note for a client on a specific property, I have to search for him or her on every property. The dashboard is horrible as well. Several important fields are not readily visible. Clients and prospects are all mixed up and I have to filter every time I leave the dashboard and come back. Much of the control I had over my clients usage was removed. The worst part about the "upgrade" is the large number of ads that my clients see on every property (top, right and bottom of every page). People are used to seeing ads but Listingbook AI has gone way overboard with the number of ads all over every page. Most of my clients have stopped using Listingbook and have reverted to emails and texts to communicate about specific properties they found on other portals. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Listingbook even though I have used it for several years.
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