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ListingBook "AI" Rollout nearly killed my buyer business (by toomora)
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I've used ListingBook as my main search tool for clients for several years. It was the first stand-alone search tool that I stumbled across which allowed me to collaborate with my clients on their searches. Clients could change their search parameters, mark favorites (or rejects) and most importantly leave notes for me which were tied to a particular property. Overall, it performed as I expected as a fairly affordable IDX search tool with very easy learning curve to add new leads and monitor what they were doing. As time progressed, the tool started to feel stale, especially in search tools (could only draw rectangles for map searches for example). In December 2013 ListingBook rolled out a new interface called 'AI' which was billed as what would be a seamless transition to a new and better search platform. OMG - IT WAS HORRIBLE! Two months after rollout, and after many calls and emails to Listingbook support, they finally figured out why clients could no longer leave me notes on properties. Two months! Many clients complained that the new interface - which relies heavily on pop-up windows and ads - was clunky, hard to use and just didn't work. Mobile interface - which I thought would have been a carefully considered upgrade included with the new rollout - is non-existent. All of this was on top of a huge price increase (doubling of cost) that was implemented a few months before the AI rollout. As of today, only a couple of my buyer clients are still using this tool as their main communication path with me - the rest either dumped me or are using other search platforms and then calling, texting or emailing when they see something that they like. I haven't quite implemented my new search solution but I'll be off this platform within the next 60 days guaranteed.
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