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Market Leader Seller Leads? (by bergencountynewjersey)
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I bought a 6 month contract for 3 zip codes and have not gotten nearly as many leads as promised from within my purchased zip codes. Highly disappointed with the quality of any lead that has come in. Some leads were from agents from within my own office selling their own houses. How ridiculous is this? I am coming into my last few days of my 6 month contract. I have already cancelled for any additional months going forward. So far for this month of November I have not received a single lead from any of my purchased zip codes and there are only 4 days left to this month. When ML reviewed my account they said I am getting my leads but I am not. I have gotten leads from NY which I am not licensed in and other towns that were not my purchased zips. How do I fight this? I keep meticulous records of all incoming leads and have followed up with all that have come in, but they are not even in my purchased zip codes. These were deemed "bonus" leads. What a joke. Leads that have come in with my zips have been as I said bogus, consisting of already listed homes to bad email address's to a myriad of other bogus info from the prospective sellers. This purports to be fraud in my opinion and I shall have a lot to say about it in social media in the next few days unless I get reimbursed for this crap that I have mistakenly bought into. I used to be with House Values many years ago and was quite successful. Not with the current bunch of fraudsters that are running it now. Highly disappointed and pissed. You will be hearing more from me in the future. Don't be tricked into this. It's fraud in my opinion! Bob Hammerstein
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