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Can't wait to cancel... (by dougmorrow)
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It's my own fault, I think, or so I'm told. I was cold called one day and was not familiar with Market Leader, surprising since I've been in the business for 20+ years and remain very current. Anyway I listened to the rep agreed to what I thought was a 6 month subscription at $179 per month, worth a try at that price. I did not realize that price was only for 2 months and now for the remaining 4 months I have to pay double that. I contacted customer service explained that I do not recall being told of the increase after two months and that I can't imagine I would have agreed to that not being familiar with the service. Granted I've got a lot of leads although I can generate MUCH better quality of leads on my own! They were "lookers", wanted a CMA just because and one renter even contacted me because she wanted to know the value of the landlords building because she thought she was paying too much rent!. Anyway back to the subscription. The rep that I was now speaking to Juliette said that she would check into potentially rearranging the agreement. My fault comes in play because I look at the contract now, of course should have read it then and I did sign this contract reflecting the increase after two months, very unlike me not fully reviewing a contract! Anyway I asked for a reduction for the remaining 4 months and if they would do that I would even sign on for a longer period so they would get their full value of the contract. Days later I received an email stating that they were holding me to the contract. I can understand that, I signed it but it's a bit frustrating when you attempt to resolve a problem by offering different solutions and yet the company it so shortsighted that it only looks at the initial contract period and not potentially building a long-term relationship. In business I work on building long-term relationships and that's why I'm successful one would only hope that other businesses operate this same way. MarketLeader will be losing my business as soon as my contract ends and I can terminate. As far as me referring others to the company, no way! As if you didn't know that by reading the above! As I usually do, and didn't in this case, do your research if I had googled or checked into MarketLeader on ActiveRain prior to signing up I would not have. Check out the Yelp reviews too, horrible...and of course ALWAYS read the contract for what you are signing up for don't just go by what you are told. I let my guard down and learned my lesson.
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