Review for Market Leader Professional - Contact Management

Be Very Careful If You Accept a ML Pro Trial Period Offer (by lakefrontpropertyexpert)
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I allowed myself to be talked into trying the Professional CM for the 90 day trial period. They required that I provide a credit card for billing once the trial period was over and I decided to move forward. (I do know better than to provide such a card, but ML was SO SINCERE in assuring me that I would not be charged if it did not work for me.) I worked with a customer service person to get this set up, but it soon became clear to both of us that this was not going to work for me, so we agreed that there was no point in going forward Then, at the end of the trial period I got a charge on my card! I called ML and was told that I had not cancelled my subscription, so the charge would stand. I was further told that the customer service agent I had been working with did not have anything to do with billing. Hmmm . . . she somehow must have forgotten to tell me anything about that. So now I have to wonder what else ML might not have told me, and whether I, or anyone else would have to be concerned about such sneak attack tactics. I once again was reminded that I will not provide a credit card to anyone on contingency. IMHO Market Leader should be ashamed.
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