Review for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

OMG It Works! (by l3g)
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I just made the switch from an iPhone 4 to the Note 3. I thought I'd be an iPhone user for the rest of my life, but ya know what? I almost threw my iPhone out the window one too many times. I needed a bigger screen (I couldn't read well, especially while in the car - relax, I don't drive my self around, I have a driver usually) AND the iphone would always do what IT wanted to do rather than what YOU wanted it to do. So, in lieu of the iPhone 6 - I took the plunge to switch to Samsung and see what all the hype is about. Well, I've had my phone for three weeks now (got a deal on an unlocked note3) and to my amazement, it works! It is intuitive, it has "splitscreen" so I can multi-task, the visuals are stunning, and the keyboard types what I type, not what it "feels" like I should be typing. The size is actually not as cumbersome as some may think. You get used to it. Battery life is great, speakerphone is awesome, and the app marketplace and multi-device sync is really good too. The only pitfall? The touchscreen is very sensetive, so sometimes when I open the Samsung brand case, I accidentally mash a button and open an app.
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