Review for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Almost replaces my laptop - I love this phone! (by kathleenluiten)
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My husband's ancient cell phone finally died and (in my opinion, but he agreed) he needed to move out of the stone age. Since he wanted small and I was encouraging smart, I gave him my nearly-new and much-loved DROID RAZR M. I thought I'd just get another RAZR M but when I saw the Galaxy Note 3 I decided to try it. I was hesitant, not sure if I'd use enough of its features to warrant the room it would take up in my purse. Definately too big for any of my pockets! But I was considering adding a tablet to my array of tech tools and this phone is really a phablet (phone-tablet, like a small tablet plus phone). Rather than carry 2 things I decided to try the Note 3. I'm picky about my tech tools and as I get more and more busy I find myself rarely reading the manuals or watching training videos. So intutive function is becoming one of my priorites with anything new. Fortunately I discovered the learning curve for the basics was virtual zero. A+ for intuitive function where it matters most. So is it worth the room in my purse? Yes. From the first day I've been saying WOW as I continue to discover more that I can do with this phone that frees me from my desk. I have been won over and I am a hard sell on this things. I can honestly say I don't hesitate to travel for several days without any device other than this phone. For a long business trip, if I expect to do a lot of computer work sure I'll take the laptop. But for email and most internet work or play this baby rocks! YouTube and Netflix videos show beautifully on its screen, it's easy enough to read your Kindle or Nook books on it (I still prefer the larger device if I plan to do a lot of reading), and I can actually see enough of most website to view them in regular browser mode when necessary. It's great! I use Google Voice for dictation more often than I type but the Note 3's keyboard is really nice. It's almost as easy to use as bigger tablet keyboards. And the S-pen is truly an amazing tool. I haven't used all the pen's features (not all are intuitive and like I said, I've been busy). But the other day I used it to make notes and draw a few things while I was viewing a house. You automatically have a document and you can convert/save/file/share whatever you create. Very handy. Oh, I almost forgot the most important feature. The phone function is flawless. Great reception and sound, easy contact management, etc. That's my #1 requirement since this IS my cell phone. I'm just delighted it's my almost-tablet too!
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