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Reliable, good battery life, multi-tasker!

I used to think Apple was not for business. All I ever saw people doing with them was playing games. Well, they've sold me. I've used iPhones for the last several years now.

The iPhone 4S is my current phone and I absolutely love it. It's fast, reliable, and battery life seems good though I do keep it plugged in most of the day so...

Even though the phone is covered in glass, you can count on dropping it numerous times until the glass eventually fails. Replacing the glass in the event of breakage is fairly cheap and easy.

I love all the business apps and being able to switch between tasks so easily. Now I do have an Android tablet and while that's great too, I think Apple iOS is simply more intuitive and straightforward.

I'm looking forward to the iPhone 5 for the 4G speed, but the length of that phone will take a bit to get used to.

I would highly recommend the iPhone 4S for anyone in the market.
iPhone 4s
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Submitted on 09/02/2013
If you've seen my reviews for the other iPhone products, you know by now that I'm not certain whethe... more

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