Review for IDX Broker Platinum

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I would be very cautious about using IDX Broker at all. Take a look around online at the reviews before handing them one red cent. In our opinion, this is the WORST possible company you could use when looking for an IDX Solution. The product itself has many problems, the staff is not helpful and if you complain, they will pull the plug on your account leaving you with nothing after spending thousands of dollars on custom CSS just to get their product to perform the way you want. I am not even joking people, it is of our opinion that this is the WORST possible IDX solution you could choose to implement on a real estate website. I would say use/purchase at your own risk and if you are not happy, do not complain or you they will simply cut off your feed and leave you with nothing. #IDXBroker #RealEstate #RealEstateWebsites
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