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IDXBroker...NOT! (by andrewgibson)
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I'm back to using a pretty lame IDX feed directly from my Board...after getting pretty excited about "hiring" IDXBPlatinum. ~4 months later, I pulled the plug. All kinds of problems getting the listings to consistently show up on my website - which is bad enough...but what's worse is that IDXBroker assured me they were working on it and had been in contact with the Board to sort out the problem. I talked to the people at the Board and they said, "Nope. Haven't heard from IDXB in some time...". So - back to IDXB to ask, "What's up?" I told them what the Board had told me - and they didn't have a whole lot to say - but they thanked me, at that point, for the contact info at the board. ??! After a couple more weeks with no solution, I had no choice but to pull the plug on IDXB. At least my "lame Board feed" gets the listings onto my site... In process now of hiring someone else [no refund or anything from IDXB...just a "Sorry to lose you."]. Very stressful time!! - not to mention time consuming...& now time to move forward... :o)
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