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Review for Roofing and Siding, LLC

Great Company. (by christinacredit)
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This company is great. Great prices, great services. I recently purchased a little patch of land for myself and had a house built. After several days of shopping, I chose Roofing & Siding LLC siding for my house. Great quality and they had several different colors to select from. Although I've only had my house built for approximately a year and a half, we had several terrible storms this winter and the siding still looks brand new and in great condition. Nothing has chipped or come off yet but I can imagine that it wouldn't be very hard to fix. It's fairly strong siding so I think it could handle even worse weather conditions but for now, it seems to be doing a great job. Not too expensive at all and I would recommend to my friends, especially those who live in the area. It was actually recommended to me by my brother-in-law and I'm glad he did because I'm very satisfied with the job.
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