Review for Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR)

To Truly Represent Buyers you may want to consider this training (by tbaker724)
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I first took the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) in Seattle in the early 90's. It was not a NAR member company at that time, and sub-agency was still the way business was done. It felt odd to me, after spending so much time with my buyers, that I would have to represent the SELLER on the transaction. With several buyers, I just knew to much to really be fair. So I had to disavow sub-agency. This did not go over well with listing brokers (or my broker for that matter) I was rocking the boat, I was not liked by agents. Thank God the the Real Estate Buyers Agency Council had just gotten started. I took their classes, represented buyers well, and received the designation. So if you want to be a fiduciary, that is representing you buyer clients well, there is no finer training in the industry. I am proud to be an Accredited Buyer's Representative!
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