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Sorry To Disappoint, a Million Acronyms What Does It Really Mean (by noahzark)
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I think I might make some people mad but sorry folks this is my opinion. I am not just speaking for Green, I am talking about GRI, HS, CNE, CSP and on and on. I have seen realtors with 10 Acronyms after their title on the business card. Does it get you more business? Does it impress people? Do they even know what those Acronyms mean? More power to education but I can't sit through the classes. Sometimes I think that some of these are just made up for the accredited real estate schools to make more money off of you. I like self study. Are you really a better sales person because you’re got your Green Designation? I got into real estate so I could be out and about and the last thing I personally want to do is sit in a class and then take a test. Again sorry to all those people who worked hard, paid good money and passed the test. Wear your acronym with pride, it's just not for me. (I gave it 3 stars when I probably would have done 2.5 if I could).
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