Review for The Career Compass - Real Estate Success Training

Five Star Provider! (by tonymarriott)
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I noticed that Greg Hague was happy to do a seminar last December for the Career Compass - so they must be doing something right! Unfortunately - the primary benefits are limited to California licensees. "The Career Compass is an amazing opportunity for real estate agents and brokers working in the state of California to easily and conveniently obtain their real estate license renewal*. Taking part in our entertaining and educational training seminars means you will enjoy all of the following benefits! Full Bre/Dre License Renewal* Cutting-edge, award-winning, marketing training for Realtors Lifetime renewals of your license* Continuing education credits freeā€¦for life* 5-star vacation destination in California Network with 300+ Realtors for 2 days Priced less than renewing your license the old way, once!*"
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